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I'm Miriam B.

An Intro of Sorts

For starters, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Miriam Beagle. People tend to call me "Mir" for short, and believe it or not I've grown fairly tired of all the dog jokes involving my last name, so I just go with, "B." in the online world. I live in the Midwest, and am currently engaged to my beloved fiancée, Mitchell. (More about him later, ha ha) The top priorities in my life have changed throughout the years but as of lately they have stayed pretty constant. These being, my faith in God as number one, followed by my incredible family along with Mitchell & his family. I am blessed beyond what I can fathom however I am 100% human so there are days that I forget that. This blog will hopefully enable me to fully appreciate life & all of it's perfect imperfections, along with promoting a healthy, nontoxic lifestyle. 

1. I am a recovering coffee addict, and I have a strange obsession with carbs. (please don't judge)

2. I met my fiancée my freshman year of college. I was still getting over the last guy I was involved with, and made a very serious decision to be done with boys. I then walked in 5 minutes late to my first day of gym class and made eye contact with the super cute boy sitting in the front row. I rolled my eyes as everything I had decided less than 24 hours ago flew out the window. Funny how the best people waltz into your life when you least expect it.

3. I'm an extremely (emphasis on extremely) awkward person. Ask any of my friends. So awkward that I actually started calling myself out on it because it gets that bad.

4. It has taken me way too long to come up with these fun facts.

5. I love coffee shop dates! I know I already said above that I gave up coffee, but no matter who you are, what your background might be, if you asked me to grab a cup of coffee (decaf for me) I am always down.

6. I've made a lot of drastic decisions the past couple of years, and from this I learned you're going to find people who decide to grow with you through life even though you may change. Never take these people for granted. They are everything.

7. I have excessive baby fever accompanied with dog fever. I NEVER used to have a desire for either one but since being engaged starting a family is something I cannot get out of my head.

8. Realizing now this one should have been number one but I'm on a roll and will probably forget to change it, but God is my number one. I grew up in the Word and have zero regrets. He has made my failures easier & all my successes better.

9. I am OBSESSED with Essential Oils. I have a feeling I'm going to end up being the crazy, hippie, oily lady on my block wherever Mitchell & I finally decide to settle down. You name it, I've got an oil for it.

10. My favorite animal is a GIRAFFE. I love them. so. much.

11. I'm not really big on hugs. This fact tends to surprise people but honestly the only person I'm 100% comfortable hugging is my fiancé. It isn't even anything personal with anybody. If you really wanted a hug, I would give you one, I have simply never been a fan of people being that close to me. 





As for the title, "Sincerely, Mir", well, since we're chatting, allow me to explain:

I wanted to find a way to be as personable as possible with my audience. A way to really show how much I truly care. I thought way back to when I was kiddo and I would write letters to my friends. (I don't know if anyone else did that, but I definitely did.) I remember how intentional I would be about ending all my letters with, "Sincerely," because I strived to always let them know how much they were appreciated. It was then that it all suddenly fell into place. It all made sense. This was it. "Sincerely, Mir". Each post being a sincere, well thought out letter to my readers, to show that you are valued & appreciated. Why a sunflower? In this blog I pray to promote happiness. Sunflowers are known to be the happiest of flowers. They are a symbol of faith, loyalty & admiration while often being associated with spiritual knowledge and the desire to seek light & truth. This is another mission of mine. I pray that I am able to help guide you spiritually, as I continue to live my life for Christ. I hope I am able to constantly resonate that through this blog, & I certainly hope that you decide to stick around.

Sincerely, Mir

Here's Some Fun Stuff about Yours Truly (that's me.)

Why, "Sincerely, Mir"?

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