Essential Oils

What the heck are they?

Essential oils are a highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants.

They are obtained by a distilling process that involves every part of the plant, including roots, leaves, stems, flowers, and bark, resulting in an oil containing the fragrance and healing properties of the plant. You can think of the oil as a plant's immune system; it is the life-blood of the plant!

Essential oils can provide support to every system of our bodies, including hormones, nervous system, and metabolism. It only takes 2 minutes for oil molecules to hit the bloodstream, and only 20 minutes to affect every cell in your body! Pretty rad, right? I'd say so.

Why Young Living?

Okay so now I know what these things are, but what's so special about yours? Why can't I just get them at Target?


Young Living has exacting quality standards, controlling the process from "seed to seal" to ensure every step is all-natural. Like, you can literally got to one of their farms and watch the entire process!

There are actually essential oils in many of the products we use everyday, such as toothpaste or cosmetics, but most of these oils have synthetic elements, and can be processed by your body as a toxin. Young Living oils are therapeutic-grade, because there is nothing but the pure essence of the plant in the bottle. Young Living guarantees their distillation process from "seed to seal" to guarantee that every drop of oil is beyond organic. Learn more about the seed to seal process here!

  • Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. 

  • They have been harvesting and distilling oils for over 20 years, and they own their own farms and distilleries across the globe.

  • Young Living farms have never ever been touched by chemicals; they even control pests with essential oils!

  • Young Living essential oils do not have any additives and can be taken internally. 

If I Buy Your Oils, do I have to Sell Them?

Okay so you've sold me on your oils, but I really don't want to be one of those annoying, salesy people.


No! As a wholesale member, you will never ever be pressured to sell or share about your oils. You can simply enjoy our oily community--facebook group, classes etc., and get your wholesale discount on all Young Living products.

However, if you ARE ever interested in starting your own business to sell Young Living products, our team will set you up for success with plenty of resources! We run a free, 3-week mentorship class every month so you can learn all about the business side, and decide if you'd like to join the team! 

Are There Any Costs or Renewal Fees to be a Wholesale Member?

I really love the idea of this, but what about all the monthly fees involved with being a member?


NOPE! There are zero monthly fees! The Young Living wholesale membership is included FREE with the purchase of a premium starter kit. Once you are a wholesale member, you receive 24% off all purchases of Young Living products! There is no monthly fee to maintain membership, and no renewal fee. The only condition of maintaining membership is that you order at least 50pv (approx $50) of product per year, otherwise your membership would go on hold due to inactivity, and you would have to contact Young Living to reinstate it (but there would still be no renewal fee).

What's the Difference Between doTerra & Young Living?

I've heard great things about both of these companies. What's the difference?


Both companies make very high quality essential oils. Young Living however, has been in business longer (YL founded in 1993, and DoTerra in 2008), which not only means that Young Living has a better established track record of quality, but they also offer a much broader range of products. Additionally, only Young Living is committed to quality and control from "seed to seal." For a great article comparing the two companies, check out this comparison. 

Was this helpful? Hopefully this was at least able to ease your mind a bit when it comes to Essential Oils. The best way to get started through Young Living is to purchase a starter kit. If you'd like to learn a little more about the oils that come in the starter kit, you can find all the info on that here. Otherwise, if this is all you needed to hear before you officially take the leap into nontoxic living, you can go ahead and click here to get your kit. :)

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