Let's start with my "why".

I believe that in order for people to understand your actions, you must first explain to them your 'why'. So, before telling you all the details of this wonderful company, let me first explain why I decided to do this.
My entire adult life I have struggled financially. I of course would experience highs, where I would have a lot saved up, but that would quickly slip away around Christmas, or November when I would sign a new lease and have to drop a massive chunk of change for a security deposit. With that being said, I have never been in 'big trouble' money wise, it has just always been a paycheck to paycheck situation.

Moving on: I recently got engaged, and the reality of the fact that my bank account has never held a steady savings is starting to kick in. I am about to have somebody relying on me to remain financially stable, and that is a scary thought for anybody! So, with that and trying to plan a wedding, and trying to still maintain all my other bills, I decided to start a side hustle. Something that I would be able to remain passionate about even on days I didn't feel like it. Something that never got boring.   

I discovered oils through a friend of mine about 3 months ago. She would talk & talk about Young Living and how amazing it had been for her. Obviously MLMs are not something that people are immediately willing to jump right into, but something about this seemed different. I could really see a difference in her and eventually started to believe in these little guys. One day I texted her and said, okay, I'm finally ready. Let's do this. My initial plan wasn't to sell these things, at least at first, but instead to simply try them out for myself. (a beauty of Young Living. Selling is NOT an obligation.) and for only $165, I decided there wasn't a ton to lose.

I started being able to tell a difference in my everyday life within about a week or two. The thing about these little bottles of plant juice is that you have to be willing to use them regularly in order to notice the massive impact that they really have. I soon started feeling consistently positive, consistently is the key word. I have always been a positive person, but being able to remain positive if I'm around a negative energy is always tough. & I was slowly able to realize that even when someone was radiating that negativity, I was still able to keep my attitude upbeat. 

However, the biggest thing for me was how much it helped my anxiety. I haven't had an anxiety attack since using oils, and to me, that means something. I have honestly been able to notice situations that used to stress me out and realize that I don't even feel worked up about them anymore. It has been such a major relief, and something that makes it all worth it.

So, with all of that being said. I'd like to invite you into our community. We give you resources, we give you guides, we are truly with you every step of the way. I would absolutely love for you to join in on all the oily goodness, so go ahead and keep scrolling to find out a little more about it, and you can also check out the FAQ section in this portion of the blog if you have any other concerning questions.

Sincerely, Mir 


Sincerely, Mir Essentials

Start Your Journey.

People tend to think that Essential Oils are just a "trend", when in reality they have been used for thousands of years to promote wellness, and Young Living's therapeutic-grade oils are the best on the planet. They can battle stress, fight germs, bring calm, ease muscles, aid sleep, and more, all completely natural and toxin-free. Oh yeah, and did I mention that they smell amazing?

The Premium Starter Kit

The Best Place to Start.

Feeling overwhelmed by all this oily talk? Let me introduce the simplest way to ease into Essential Oils. The Premium Starter Kit is the ultimate value: you get Young Living's 12 most popular oils + your choice of an elegant diffuser to spread that oily goodness, all for less than half of what it would cost separately.

Along with getting an amazing deal on it's own, buying a kit also makes you a wholesale member. (FOR NO EXTRA COST OR RENEWAL FEES), being a wholesale member allows you to have 24% off all future purchases FOR LIFE.

When you click the purchasing link, you will have two options.



  • Purchase a starter kit, and always get wholesale cost: 24% off retail!

  • Order whenever you like, no order minimum, and no annual renewal fee.

  • Wholesale customers receive a "personal member number" to share with friends; if anyone orders using your member number, you’ll get cash just for referring them!

  • Becoming a wholesale member does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils, and there is never any pressure to "do the business" (although, once you discover how awesome they are, it will be hard not to tell your friends!).




  • Buy any oils at retail cost (but pay 24% more than a wholesale customer).

  • No need to purchase a starter kit.

The retail option makes it easy to grab a few quick oils. However, I doubt you would regret enrolling as a wholesale customer. The starter kit is an amazing deal, and the investment is quickly recovered with the wholesale savings!

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