roll it – eat it – diffuse it

  • Warm and spicy smell (like Christmas!).

  • Germ fighting powers and immune booster.

  • What I do with it: Drink a drop in a glass of water or tea for immune support, roll it on my hands for protection, and spray it with water and lemon to clean up around the house.


roll it – diffuse it

  • Rich, amazing, earthy smell.

  • Skin support, as well as emotional and relaxation support.

  • What I do with it: Put some on my skin every night (especially under my eyes) for skin support, and use it in all kinds of blends. So versatile!


roll it – diffuse it

  • Yummy-smelling, calming blend.

  • Emotional support, tension + stress fighter.

  • What I do with it: Roll it on my wrists and breathe it in to say “bye, stress!”


roll it – diffuse it

  • Sweet, heavenly smell.

  • One of the most versatile oils, great for sleep, stress, skin, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, and more!

  • What I do with it: Roll it on my hands and feet before bed for sleep support, and diffuse it with other oils throughout the day to promote a peaceful home.


roll it

  • Powerful, fresh, spicy smell.

  • Supports skin and muscles; causes a tingly, icy/hot sensation, with no chemicals!

  • What I do with it: Rub it into sore neck and back anytime, especially after exercise.


roll it – eat it– diffuse it

  • Fresh, minty taste and smell.

  • Supports focus and clarity, may aid digestion and tension/headaches.

  • What I do with it: roll it on neck and head when I have a headache, and diffuse to promote a fresh, energetic mood.


roll it – diffuse it – eat it

  • Zesty, citrus taste and smell.

  • Tastes great in water, great for cleaning, and aroma supports clarity.

  • What I do with it: Mix with thieves in a spray bottle for a fresh household cleaner, and add a drop in my tea for a fresh twist!


diffuse it – eat it– roll it

  • Crisp, fresh aroma.

  • Fights stinky smells, purifies the air.

  • What I do with it: Diffuse in my house before company comes over. Smells AMAZING with stress away!

Peace & Calming

roll it - diffuse it

  • Yummy, mellow aroma

  • Emotional support oil, aids relaxation and chill vibes.

  • Why you need it: Because life is cray. P+C is an oasis in a bottle.


diffuse it – roll it

  • Uplifting energetic smell.

  • Supports respiration, congestion, + seasonal woes.

  • What I do with it: Diffuse when the sniffles are coming on, rub it on my chest and breathe deeply.


eat it – roll it

  • Minty, spicy flavor and smell.

  • Digestive support blend for tummy troubles!

  • What I do with it: Drink a drop with water and peppermint after dinner for digestive support, and rub some on my tummy when I feel bloated.





roll it – diffuse it

  • Smells like magic and wonder. Seriously.

  • Emotional support oil, promoting feelings of confidence

  • What I do with it: This oil is seriously a game changer. I put it on all the time; smelling it takes me right to my happy place!

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