Hello & WELCOME to My Little Corner of the Internet!

I am so very happy that you've stumbled upon this lil blog of mine!

With this site I hope to inspire, connect, and make a difference in all of your lives. I feel as though a lot of our life is lived in chaos, & that we owe it to ourselves to take time out of each day to pause, meditate, & self-reflect. My mission is to help you do that. So, please, take a look around, don't be shy! Oh, and don't forget to subscribe. :)

Sincerely, Mir

S I N C E R E L Y,  M I R :  H OW  I T  S T A R T E D

"...It was then that everything suddenly fell into place. This was it. 'Sincerely, Mir'. Each post being a sincere, well thought out letter to my readers, to show that you are valued & appreciated. "

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